Fard prayers are obligatory prayers that have to be performed unless circumstances allow otherwise. Not performing these prayers is considered a serious sin.

There are 3 types of Fard prayers.

The 5 Daily Prayers

[table]Name,Prescribed time period (waqt),Fard Rakahs
Fajr (فجر),Dawn to sunrise,2 Raka’ah
Zohr (ظهر),After true noon until Asr,4 Raka’ah
Asr (عصر),From mid-afternoon till early evening just before sunset,4 Raka’ah

Maghrib (مغرب),Right after sunset until dusk,3 Raka’ah
Isha (عشاء),Dusk until just before dawn,4 Raka’ah[/table]

Jumah (Friday) Prayers

Attending the special Jumah (Friday prayers), for men at the mosque, and for women to pray at home.

Janazah Prayers

Attending funeral prayers (Janazah prayers).